The following resources are available for checkout at the Global Education Center:

General (educational and pedagogical resources for the classroom and beyond)

52 Activities for Exploring Values Differences. Donna M. Stringer and Patricia A. Cassiday. Intercultural Press: 2003.

100 Tips for Women Travelers. Ed. Harriet Lewis. Grand Circle Foundation: 2009.

1,000 Places to See Before You Die: A Traveler’s Life List. Patricia Schultz. Workman Publishing Company: 2003.

A Life Inspired. Tales of Peace Corps Service. Peace Corps: 2006.

American Cultural Patterns. A Cross-Cultural Perspective. Edward C. Stewart and Milton J. Bennett. Intercultural Press: 1991.

Asking and Listening. Ethnography as Personal Adaptation. Paul Buchannan and Dirk van der Elst. Waveland Press: 1998.

Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication. Selected Readings. Ed. Milton J. Bennett. Intercultural Press: 1998.

Brain and Culture. Neurobiology, Ideology, and Social Change. Bruce E. Wexler. The MIT Press:2008.

Cross-Cultural Dialogues. 74 Brief Encounters with Cultural Difference. Craig Storti. Intercultural Press: 1994.

Culture from the Inside Out: Travel and Meet Yourself. Alan Cornes, Intercultural Press: 2004.

Discovering Your Personal Vocation. The Search for Meaning Through the Spiritual Exercises.  Herbert Alphonso, S.J. Paulist Press: 2001.

Do’s and Taboos Around the World. Ed. Roger E. Axtell. The Parker Pen Company: 1993.

Experiential Activities for Intercultural Learning. Ed. H. Ned Seelye. Intercultural Press: 1996.

Field Ethnography: A Manual for Doing Cultural Anthropology. Paul Kutsche. Prentice Hall: 1998.

Figuring Foreigners Out. A Practical Guide. Craig Storti. Intercultural Press: 1999.

Here I Am. Now What on Earth Should I Be Doing? Quentin Schultze. Baker Books: 2005.

How Much is Enough? Hungering for God in an Affluent Culture. Arthur Simon. Baker Books: 2003.

How to Get Most Out of Your Experience Study Abroad. Michele-Marie Dowell and Kelly P. Mirsky. Prentice Hall: 2003.

In an Age of Hunger. Moving from Affluence to Generosity. W Publishing Group: 1997.

Knowing and Doing. The Theory and Practice of Service-Learning. Ed. Linda A. Chisholm. The International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership: 2005.

Maximizing Study Abroad. A Students’ Guide to Strategies for Language and Culture Learning and Use. Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition: 2007.

Never Mind the Joneses. Building Core Christian Values in a Way That Fits Your Family. Tim Stafford. InterVarsity Press: 2004.

Service-Learning Across Cultures: Promise and Achievement. Ed. Humphrey Tonkin. The International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership. 2004.

Students Abroad: Strangers at Home. Education for a Global Society. Norman L. Kauffmann, Judith N. Martin, and Henry D. Weaver. Intercultural Press: 1992.

Study Abroad 101. Wendy Williamson. Agapy LLC: 2004.

The Art of Coming Home. Craig Storti. Intercultural Press: 2003.

The Art of Crossing Cultures. Craig Storti. Intercultural Press: 2001.

The Exchange Student Survival Kit. Bettina Hansel. Intercultural Press: 2007.

The First Time Effect: The Impact of Study Abroad on College Student Intellectual Development. Joshua S. McKeown. Sunny Press: 2009. (2 copies)

The Soul of a Christian University. A Field Guide for Educators. Ed. Stephen T. Beers. Abilene Christian UP: 2008.

The Whole World Guide to Culture Learning. J. Daniel Hess. Intercultural Press: 1994.

Travel Wise. How to be Safe, Savvy and Secure Abroad. Ray S. Leki. Intercultural Press: 2008.


Paris to the Moon. Adam Gopnik. Random House: 2008.

The Best Travel Writing. True Stories from Around the World. Ed. James O’Reilley, Larry Herberger, and Sean O’Reilly. Travelers’ Tales: 2006.

The Inscrutable Americans. Anurag Mathur. Rupa CO: 2010.

Video Resources

“Crossing Borders: A Feature Documentary Film.” Arnd Wächter. 2010. (DVD)

“Risk Change” by Best Semester. (DVD)

“Safe Passage Travel Companion.” The Safe Travel Institute. (DVD)

“Safety and Study Abroad” Marlin Darrah. International Film and Video: 2003 (DVD)

“Safety and Study Abroad” Marlin Darrah. International Film and Video: 2003 (VHS)



Lithuanian-English. English-Lithuanian. Dictionary & Phrasebook. Jurgita Baltrusaityte. Hippcrene Books: 2008.

Lithuania Christian College: A Work in Progress. Ed. Sarah Klassen. Friesens Corporation: 2001.

“Teach Yourself Lithuanian. Complete Audio CD Program.” (2 CDs)


Czech Republic. Country Map.

India (includes Sri Lanka).

Japan. International Travel Maps.

Europe Pocket Map.

Diversity, Culture, Study Abroad

A Powerful Lesson of Studying Abroad: Self-Reliance
Read this article from the Hartford Courant about unexpected lessons learned while studying abroad.

Cultural Understanding: The Challenge Working Across Cultures
Want to learn more about living and learning in culturally-diverse environments. Take a look at this insightful article.

On-line Cultural Training for study abroad students

Study Abroad Resources by Vistawide

Health and Safety Abroad

Find information about required immunizations for your destination country as well as topics related to travelers' health.

Health & Safety Abroad
A comprehensive list of resources provided by the Center for Global Education

Safety & Study Abroad by Marlin Darrah (Video)

Transportation Security Administration

Confused about what you can pack in your carry-on bag? Visit this site for help.

US State Dept

Find helpful background information about your destination country. Need a passport? Check this site for details.

International Insurance Providers

Study Abroad Organizations

International Calls

Country Calling Codes and World Time Zones
How to call internationally?

Mobal International
International cell phones and SIM cards