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Growing recession resistant company who believes in quality and excellent customer service.

Battery Systems is the largest independently on distributor of batteries and related products in the United States and they are always seeking motivated, dynamic and experienced people to join their team!
Ideal candidates will be energetic, independent, reliable, organized and personable.
Please contact the Career Development Center for more information about current opportunities with Battery Systems!
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Mountain View Child Care, Inc. - Totally Kids Speciality Healthcare

Mountain View Child Care, Inc./Totally Kids® is dedicated to enriching the health and quality of life of children and adults who are technology dependent, medically fragile, or developmentally disabled.We are committed to meeting their medical, developmental, social, psychological and spiritual needs through a blend of tenderness and expertise.

We have successfully served children with the following needs and conditions:

  • Bronchopulmonary dysplasia
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Electrolyte and fluid replacement
  • Neurological insults - post trauma
  • Hormonal/glandular disorders
  • Post transplantation-liver
  • Parenteral Nutrition
  • Chronic orthopedic disorders
  • Chronic respiratory disorders
With technologies which include:
  • Ventilator Support
  • Tracheostomy Tubes
  • Gastrostomy Tubes
  • Ileostomy and Colostomy Stoma

Hartley Medical is a world-class compounding pharmacy dedicated to providing quality sterile pharmaceuticals for the treatment of pain and movement disorders.

As a national leader in intra-spinal therapy, Hartley Medical specializes in the compounding of quality sterile pharmaceuticals for infusion therapy clients throughout the United States.
Owned and directed by William A.Stuart, RPh, an acknowledged pioneer in the field of pharmaceutical sterile compounding. Hartley—prior to our national expansion—established itself as the most successful and professionally distinguished pharmacy in the entire state of California serving over 200 pain physicians and more than 30 premier health care institutions, including Kaiser Permanente of California.

At our farms, everything is done naturally and with the animal's health in mind. Our cows have plenty of room to roam around in, sunshine to bask in, clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe. They are fed a nutritious diet of alfalfa hay and grains.

Because we have our own farms, we have a consistent supply of delicious-tasting milk that we guarantee comes from cows that have never been given artificial growth hormones to stimulate milk production as most other dairies do.
We know you want only the best for your family. That's why Rockview Farms does things a little differently than most other dairies. We aren't part of a large co-op, but rather a family-owned dairy that takes pride in the high quality products we make.
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A follower of Jesus is not an island. He or she chooses to obligate themselves to their brothers and sisters in Christ.

We believe that grandparents and 3rd graders and lawyers and homeless people all matter to God, and they are all welcome here with us.  In fact, they are us.  This assortment of people is the group that God is using to encourage the world around us and bring light into places that have long been abandoned.
We each have a different little story that is a part of His big story.  And our stories are woven together through this gathering of disciples, this group of Jesus followers, called Emmanuel Church.
God is bigger and better and closer than we can imagine.
Humankind is both glorious and broken in our inner selves.
The glorious nature comes from the imprint of God on us.
The broken nature comes from our innate selfishness and pride.
Jesus is God showing himself to us.                   
Through Jesus we can have a relationship with God.
Following Jesus is the greatest and most challenging adventure in life and is called discipleship.
Through His Holy Spirit, God lives in and through us now.
The church is to serve people like Jesus served people.
Heaven and hell are real places. Death is a beginning, not the end.
The Bible expresses God’s passion for us and is His perfect guidebook for living.
 Checkout Emmanuel Reformed Church's website below.

"Seek the peace and prosperity of the city...pray to the Lord for it, because it if prospers, you too will prosper" Jeremiah 29:7

Kingdom Causes Bellflower envisions God's kingdom come and will done in Bellflower as it is in Heaven.  Our mission is to be a catalyst that inspires, connects & mobilizes people towards personal & community transformation.

The current causes we're addressing include...

• Homelessness
• Eucalyptus Neighborhood Development
• Oak Street Neighborhood Development
• Affordable Housing
• Social Enterprise Employment
• Unity in the Church of Bellflower
• City Prayer
• Education and Civic Responsibility in Bellflower
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