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Northwestern College Student Leadership 2018-2019
Leadership Position Application Deadline Interview Period Selection Date  Application
Campus Ministry Team

CMT General Information
Marketing and Media Coordinator 


Discipleship     Apply Online for All Campus Ministry Positions
DGL Group Leader.pdf

Hall Discipleship Coordinator 

Project-Event Discipleship Coordinator

Spring Service Project Coordinator

Summer of Service Coordinator

Justice and Service Coordinator

Worship and Music    
Sunday P&W Leader

Travel Worship Cordinator 

Chapel Music Team Leader

Christian Community Coordinator

Student Programs
O-Staff Leader 3/2/2018 3/14 - 3/21 3/23/2018  Download Application

 Download Reference Form
Student Activities      
Student Activities Coordinator 4/12/2017 TBA TBA  Download Application

 Download Reference Form
Residence Life
RA 2/10/2017 2/13-2/24 3/3/2017  Apply Online
Intercultural Programs
Mulicultural Interns 3/20/2017 3/22-3/29 3/31/2017  Download Application
Student Ambassadors

 Download Application
Admissions Calling Intern

Student Government Association
Student Body President Elections take place in Early April.  Please contact Banin Hussain for more information The Election Process and Job Descriptions are listed in theSGA Consitution
Vice President
Senior Class Representative
Junior Class Representative 
Sophomore Class Representative
Freshmen Class Representative 
Fern/Smith Hall Representative
Stegenga Hall Representative
Colenbrander Hall Representative
Hospers Hall Representative
Apartment/Plexes Representative
Commuter Representative
At-Large Representative

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