Welcome to the Honors Program!                                                               

The Honors Program strives to challenge students through its robust use of interdisciplinary courses, reflection on what it means to be a Christian scholar, and student-curated research projects.

During your time as an honors student, you will be challenged to think in new ways, and given the tools to expand your understanding of how to live as a Christian scholar.

To see the requirements for graduating as an Honors Scholar or the timeline for completion of these requirements, visit the requirements tab. 


                                   Do I have to have a certain major to be in the Honors Program?                                 

Nope! You can be a part of the honors program with any major. Our interdisciplinary program is home to students from departments such art, theatre, biology, political science, history, actuarial science, music, education, and everything in between!

                                           Do I get a scholarship if I'm in the Honors Program?                                            

Yes! But only if you enter the program while in high school and you must show progression and attendance in the program to continue receiving money.

                                        Is being in the Honors Program a big time commitment?                                        

The only extra work from your usual NWCore is a 1 credit Honors Scholarship class and your Honors Project, which you can take for multiple credits (2, 3, or 4). We also have an event about once a month, so there is not a large time commitment to be in the Honors Program.

                                              What classes are available to Honors students?                                                

See the tab "Available Honors Classes" to your left for class information.

                                                                         Faculty Leaders                                                                           

                                                                         Student Leader                                                                             

    English Teaching & Psychology

                                                                       Leadership Team                                                                            



          Actuarial Science


                                                                      Software Engineering




                                                                    Computer Science & Math

                                                      Public Relations



          Computer Science

                                                            Computer Science

                                                            Bio Health Professions