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W e l c o m e

 Welcome Northwestern College Students and Alumni to the Career Development MyNWC Page!
Bill Minnick - Director
Kirsten Brue - Career Counselor
Nancy Landhuis - Program Coordinator
Tyler Zeutenhorst - Internship Director
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Evenings by appointment
Ramaker Center-Northwest Corner

Books Available in our LIBRARY

YES!  The Career Development has a Library--lots of resources that you can check out.  Books about majors, job search, résumés, studying for the GRE, leadership, and much more!
To check out what books we have, click here .  

Tib Bit of the Week!

Unemployed? Here are 5 things you should be doing:

  1. Volunteer - Volunteering can increase your chances of being hired if you’re strategic about it
  2. Keep your skills current - If you lack a skill commonly required for jobs you’re seeking, spend time each day building that skill.
  3. Network - There are two parts to networking: reconnecting with your old contacts and forming new ones.
  4. Freelance - Freelancing is a great way to boost your skills, resume, portfolio, professional network, income, and confidence.
  5. Build an online presence - Start a blog, spruce up your social network profiles, create an online portfolio to showcase your work.

Internships for credit

Internships are a great way to add to your learning and get practical work experience prior to graduation. A successful internship experience can give you a big advantage in landing your first job.

Northwestern’s Career Development Center works with students to set up internships with local,  regional,  and national companies and organizations. Our office is where you apply for approval of your internship experience.

Interns receive academic credit for their experience if they keep a daily journal of their activities, read outside assignments given by their supervisor, and write a reflective academic essay or report at the end of the experience.
Summer Internship Application Deadline:  February 15
Fall Internship Application Deadline:  March 14
Spring Internship Application Deadline:  September 30
(Internship applications due in the Career Dev Center)

Request a transcript of your leadership and co-curricular activities

A co-curricular transcript is a document that will help you get the competitive edge for securing employment, internship opportunities, graduate school admission and scholarships. The co-curricular transcript will be a valuable asset for students as they seek to market themselves. 

The Co-Curricular Transcript is:

§  A document that complements your academic transcript by verifying your co-curricular involvement.

§  An official record of leadership accomplishments and involvement in student organizations, community/mission service activities, and professional/educational development programs.

§  A means of recognizing "out of class" learning, development and contributions

§  Used to supplement resumes and academic transcripts

By including the co-curricular transcript with a résumé, students can improve their marketability with potential employers or graduate schools.

You can review and print off your co-curricular transcript by going here!