The U.S. Spring Service Partnership applications remain open but rosters are filling up quickly – they usually fill before final exam week. Placements are first come, first serve, so apply today!

Here are the open roster spots:

1.      Jacksonville, FL (3 spots: 2 male, 1 female) – student leader is Emma Rathbun, advisor is Leslie Stover

2.      Opelousas, LA (5 spots remaining) – student leaders are Lucas Sander and Jessica Rogers, advisors are Cody and Brooke Hughes

3.      Grand Marais, MN (4 spots) – student leader is Ben DeBoer, advisors are Kevin and Lynne McMahan

4.      Kansas City, KS (7 spots: 2 male, 3 female) – student leader is Bailey Banwart, advisor is John Vonder Bruegge

5.      Waco, TX (8 spots: 2 male, 6 female) – student leaders are Allison Wheeler and Tim Czirr, advisors are Natalie Wheeler and Caylan DeLucia

6.      Lindale, TX (10 spots) – student leaders are Tori Buckler and Ben Henker, advisor is Julie Andersen

Mescalero, Compton and Denver are full.

Apply today using the application below. The site descriptions are also linked here for your convenience.

US SSP Site Descriptions 2020.pdf

2020 US SSP Application.docx.pdf

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