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Interviewing Skills Workshops
    TBA for second semester
The interviewing skills workshop will teach you the key components of conducting a good interview.  If you are interviewing for a part-time job, internship, scholarship, graduate school or a professional job, this workshop is a must!
Nursing Interview Quesitons
RN Interview Questions (.pdf, 405K)
RN Interview Questions (.pdf, 148K)
Interviewing Skills Workshop (.ppt, 402K)
Information on interviewing and providing a good first impression!
Med School Interviewing Workshop (.ppt, 470K)
Tips for a perfect interview! (.pdf, 665K)
Interview questions
109 Interview questions with example responses (.pdf, 101K)
The best possible way to prepare for an interview is to anticipate possible questions.  Here is a list of 109 interview questions that have been asked at interviews with example responses.
Interview Tips Article (.pdf, 47K)
Very good article from the Carnegie Mellon career center on the best answers to tough questions.
Interview Tips (.pdf, 94K)
20 general interviewing tips
Interviewing Guidelines (.pdf, 439K)
This resource includes information on legal guidelines, common pitfalls, behavioral interview questions and the do's and don'ts of interviewing.
Tough Interview Questions (.pdf, 72K)
This is a worksheet that gives you the opportunity to work through some tough interview questions with some guidance.  Excellent resource as you prepare.
Workshop handout (.pdf, 67K)
This is a handout that incorporates a number of resources in one.
Questions to Ask at the Interview (.pdf, 92K)
Questions you could ask... (.pdf, 61K)
Medical/Dental/PT School Interview Questions

Preparing for graduate school is much like preparing for a job interview.  You need to prepare and anticipate the questions.  Here are a number of resources that offer sample interview questions specific to medical/dental school.

Actual Medical/Dental School Questions (.pdf, 72K)
Dental School FAQs (.pdf, 61K)
Medical School FAQs (.pdf, 66K)
Sample Interview Questions (.pdf, 44K)
Dental School Sample Questions (.pdf, 9K)
PT School Interview Qs (.pdf, 5K)
PA Interview Questions (.pdf, 97K)
Education Sample Interview Questions
Tough Interview Questions (.pdf, 102K)
This is a good article on how to answer tough interview questions.  It is well worth looking through!
PE Teacher Interview Questions (.pdf, 201K)
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