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Every IA public school district is required to advertise their vacancies on this website (New, Fall 2013)

Search for jobs in Iowa and fill online applications acceptable at many schools in IA through this site.

Search for teaching jobs in Minnesota.

More MN Postings here! (Hint...view the opening, but go to the school's website to find application info)

Find teaching opportunities available in Nebraska.

Sign up on this site to receive education job postings from the State of South Dakota.

REAP allows you to search for teaching jobs by state and fill out an application online.

Christian Job School Postings

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This website lets you search for positions in Christian schools around the globe.

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Education's premier recruitment center, is another place to search for teaching jobs nationally.

Don't forget to check our HANDSHAKE-NW's job posting website.  Any job we get informed about will get posted here!(You can also upload your letters of references to save them on this online site!)

Get connected to opportunities in over 100 countries

Teach Abroad-Summer or School Year--Volunteer teachers that get paid a stipend and insurance 

Interested in teaching at one of the U.S. Military-based schools?  Find out how to apply here.

Other Pertinent Info

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Search the Teacher Cancellation Low Income Directory of public and private nonprofit elementary and secondary schools to see if the school you teach at qualifies you fro the Teacher Loan Forgiveness

This website gives valuable information regarding each state's teaching requirements.

20 Avoidable Job Search Mistakes
  1. Not using a professional email address
  2. Jumping into the fire without your fire proof undies -  Don't start your search with out a plan or much thought as to where you want to go and how you plan to get there.
  3. Not checking yourself in the mirror before walking into an interview
  4. Falling into the "black hole" - The internet is a great resource, but remember to use personal touch
  5. Being forgetful - If you use a cover letter template, don't forget to change the specifics
  6. Going to networking events, but not really networking - Real networking is building mutually  beneficial relationships
  7. Omitting a signature block in your email - A signature block is a prefect place to give a brief 20-word teaser and include a link to your online resume/portfolio
  8. Casting your net too widely
  9. Not paying attention
  10. Overlooking the interviewing "gimme" questions - Prepare answers to the basic interview questions like "Tell me about yourself." or What are your strengths and weaknesses?"
  11. Not joining your local Chamber of Commerce
  12. Having grammar or spelling errors on your résumé or cover letter
  13. Not being mindful of social medial presence - Clean-up your profile on social media if there are inappropriate pictures or posts
  14. Trying to turn an informational interview into a job interview
  15. Not having a LinkedIn profile - Many employers and HR professionals use LinkedIn
  16. Failing to research the company
  17. Not following up after applying for the job
  18. Not following up after the interview - At the very least you need to send a thank you card
  19. Failing to ask questions at the interview
  20. Relying on a single job-hunt strategy

International Student Job Search Aides

For the graduating International Students who are job searching in the U.S. these sites may be beneficial:



Teaching Jobs Links by State


Click here to pull up a website with Teaching Job Links for all 50 States.

Valuable Career Tips

Unemployed? Here are 5 things you should be doing:

  1. Volunteer - Volunteering can increase your chances of being hired if you’re strategic about it
  2. Keep your skills current - If you lack a skill commonly required for jobs you’re seeking, spend time each day building that skill.
  3. Network - There are two parts to networking: reconnecting with your old contacts and forming new ones.
  4. Freelance - Freelancing is a great way to boost your skills, resume, portfolio, professional network, income, and confidence.
  5. Build an online presence - Start a blog, spruce up your social network profiles, create an online portfolio to showcase your work.

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