Each summer, Northwestern College professors lead 2-3 week courses in a variety of disciplines and countries. The trips are tailor-made for NWC students and fulfill the college's cross-cultural general requirement. Summer Study Abroad (SSA) timelines vary, but most take place in late May/ early June. 

The selection of destinations and course topics change each year. Northwestern professors have taught summer courses focused on community development, crossing cultures, ecology, history, language learning, music, nursing/ healthcare, religion, sociology, sports/ fitness and theatre. Locations we have been to in the past include: China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, England, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Oman, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand and Turkey.

By participating in an SSA trip you earn your general education cross-cultural requirement. Some programs have pre-trip coursework to prepare for what you'll be experiencing when you are out of the country.

These trips are open to freshmen through seniors. 

There will be a $250 deposit expected to hold your place in the program after acceptance. The total balance for the trip will be due May 1.


Summer 2024

London Summer Study Abroad

George Bernard Shaw states, "England and America are two countries separated by a common language."  While our two countries share much in common, a visit to the UK and especially to London will also illustrate just how different we are. London exists as one of the truly cosmopolitan cities in the world, not to mention one of the fastest growing. For generations, former colonies have flooded the city with immigrants.  Experience many different cultures through the lens of art, theatre, and museums in a city that has been around nearly 2,000 years.


Experience the best theatre in the world. Study many of the world’s most priceless art works. Spend several days in the English countryside.


Ethan Koerner and Molly Wiebe Faber will be leading this trip. Feel free to reach out to them with questions about the trip!