Who: NWC Students
What: A dance. Club vibe. Pro DJ. Fun flavored drinks. Rad tunes. 90s themed. Booyah.
Where: The Hub
When: Saturday from 9-11pm
Cost: $1 OR FREE (if you wear 90s apparel)

Are you interested in  working at a camp this summer? We will be hosting a Summer Camp Day in the RSC mall area from 10 AM - 2 PM on January 20th! Come meet some awesome camps and other ministries that are looking to hire students like you!

Tutoring is now available! Check out the “Peer Learning Center” tab on MyNWC for information about our hours and staff.

Do you have plans for spring break? Have you considered seeking a job shadow experience? 

Come talk with Kirsten Brue or Elizabeth Pitts in the Compass Center, and we can explore possibilities with you! 

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