International SSP applications for the Netherlands, Ireland and Mexico are now open until October 18.


To read site descriptions and complete the application go here.

Flu Shots Available for Students only on Campus at the Wellness Center

To schedule an appointment please stop by our office in the RSC or call 712.707.7321
The men of Hospers Hall present:

Coffee House

Coming on Friday, October 18th. Art Museum and free Town Square coffee start at 7:00 pm. Performances start at 8:00 pm. B.Y.O.Mug and get a sticker! Limited availability. 

Get paid to ref intramural volleyball games! Contact if interested or with questions. 

Just like in September, you can earn points by completing a workout in the RSC. To earn bonus points, complete an ab workout from the RSC desk staff. Each ab workout completed is worth one point and your fifth ab workout completed is worth five points. Check out the RSC bulletin board for more info or email

Summer of Service (SOS) Apps are now open until November 2. The application, program overview and site descriptions can be found here.


If you have questions please contact Patrick Hummel ( Kate Staab ( or Devin Vander Werff (

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