The Global Education Center develops, directs and facilitates either full semester or short-term summer study away opportunities for NWC students or students from other colleges and universities.  We own and operate two semester abroad programs, one in the Middle Eastern state of Oman the other in the Eastern European country of Romania.  We also operate a study away program in Denver which allows students to do internships in their areas of interest.  In addition. we partner with other institutions allowing students to study in at least 23 other international and 5 domestic locations.  Students who can't do a full semester also have the option of accompanying faculty members on three to four credit summer study abroad programs.  

 Our Mission and Goals

The mission of the Global Education Center (GEC) is to advise and assist students who desire to seek opportunities for growth and reflection integrating faith with intercultural learning and living. 

The GEC study abroad programs help students:
  1. gain informed understanding of the host culture and its value systems;
  2. reflect critically on their own culture and values;
  3. acquire a global perspective on contemporary issues;
  4. develop beginning or advanced skills in the target language (where appropriate);
  5. connect cross-cultural learning to their vocation and calling;
  6. build self-confidence and cross-cultural competencies through interactions with the constituencies of the host country.
 Program Locations

The NWC Global Education Center is currently accepting applications for all Semester NWC-administered programs

Application Deadlines:  February 10


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 Global Education Staff
Kendall Stanislav
Director of Experiential Education
Ramaker Center Office 110
Amber Leusink
Global Education Coordinator

Ramaker Center Office 108
Ramaker Center


8:00 AM- 12:00 PM
and 1:00 PM- 5:00 PM