Institutional Aid

Activity scholarships (sports, music & theater)

NWC owned and endorsed programs*


Group A

NWC in Denver

NWC in Oman

NWC in Romania

The Chicago Semester

Approved Calvin College Programs 

Approved Central College Programs*

*the number of accepted students is limited; please consult with the NWC GEC


Out of season: 100%

In season: 50%

Required Semester Abroad:

Spanish majors only*

Group B

Argentina (ISA)

Costa Rica (CCCU)

El Salvador (Santa Clara University)

Guatemala (Bethel University)

Mexico (Augsburg College)

Spain (Trinity Christian College)


Out of season:100%

In season:50%

Affiliated programs*

Group C

American Junior Year at Heidelberg U

CCCU Best Semester Programs

Council for International Educational Exchange

Creation Care Studies Programs

Dordt in the Netherlands

Florence University of the Arts

Lithuania Christian College Program

National Outdoor Leadership School

The Philadelphia Center


Out of season:50%

In season: 0%

*A detailed list of all approved off-campus programs is available here.

Funding for a second semester off-campus/abroad

Students, who wish to study off-campus/abroad for a second time, will still be considered, provided they fulfill the program’s eligibility requirements and their application is supported by their respective academic department and adviser. However, preference will be given to those studying off-campus/abroad for the first time. Accepted applicants may still use their government funded financial aid and are encouraged to explore external funding opportunities to support their second semester off-campus/abroad. Students applying to one of NWC’s own programs (Romania, Oman, or Denver) may be eligible to use some or all of their institutional financial aid (in addition to their federal aid) and are advised to meet with the NWC global education and financial aid offices to discuss finances, ranking criteria, and selection procedures.

External Funding Opportunities

View GEC information booklet on external funding opportunities available to undergraduate students wishing to study abroad.