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Welcome to the Faculty page for the Global Education Center at Northwestern College. On this page, you will find helpful information related to education abroad opportunities for NWC students and faculty. Please use this page as a resource if you are advising students about off-campus opportunities or wish to get involved in summer study abroad programming.

 Call for Summer Study Abroad Program Proposals 2015-16
 Call for Proposals for Summer 2016 Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

The Global Education Center is excited to open the call for proposals for short-term faculty-led study abroad programs for summer term 2015.

 Early Submission Deadline: Tuesday, September 1, 2015, 5pm

Official Final Deadline: Thursday, October 1, 2015, 5pm

Electronic submissions to:

Background information:

NWC summer study abroad courses are credit-bearing courses that typically last three to four weeks in length in the summer. These courses provide unique global experiences for students who are unable to study abroad for a semester or a year. In addition, short-term summer study abroad programs give NWC faculty members the opportunity to diversify their teaching experience in a non-U.S. setting and may yield prospects for more long-term international collaborations.

We are especially interested in and support cross- and inter-disciplinary courses that provide students with serious engagement with and reflection upon the “cultural other” and can attract students from multiple programs and departments. Courses offered through the GEC proposal process fulfill NWC’s general education cross-cultural requirement. For a list of previously offered Summer Study Abroad courses, visit:

 If you are interested in leading a summer study abroad program, we strongly recommend that you contact review our Handbook for Summer Study Abroad Faculty Leaders prior to your proposal submission. We are happy to assist with the process and can provide you with ideas for recruiting and logistics. Moreover, the SSA Faculty Leader Handbook contains information with regard to our core values and policies for study abroad programs, criteria for successful planning and budgeting, as well as other items such as tips for health and safety abroad and how to recognize and deal with culture shock. The Handbook, other supporting materials, and proposal steps are available on-line on our Resources for Faculty website  (you will need to log in with your NWC user name and password) or in the Summer Study Abroad folder on the J: drive/Summer Study Abroad/Proposal Manual 2014-15. However, if you desire a print copy of the manual, we can certainly mail it to you.

Proposal Review


The proposal review process consists of two stages.


Stage 1 - The Global Education Center reviews proposals for completeness, academic strength and cross-cultural component, potential student interest and enrollment; financial viability; and health and safety issues.

Stage 2 - Successful proposals will be forwarded for review and further approval by the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC), the Vice President for Financial Affairs (VPFA), and the Risk Assessment Team (RAT). AAC determines and approves a program’s feasibility in terms of academic content, VPFA reviews and approves the program’s budget, and RAT assesses questions regarding the safety and security of all participants abroad. All course offerings abroad are conditional on feasible budgets, minimum enrollments, and successful college-level review.

Questions? Please email me at

John Hubers

Director of Global Education


 International Faculty Development Opportunities
Summer Study Abroad Exploratory Travel Grants 

Description: The NWC Global Education Center Summer Study Abroad Exploratory Trip program is designed to support faculty development of innovative summer study abroad programs in disciplines and regions of the world that are underrepresented in the curriculum. The travel grant program has been tremendously successful since its inception in 2003. The program has allowed over 25 faculty members to travel abroad for an exploratory trip intended to lay the groundwork for subsequent summer study programs. As a result, over 19 different summer study abroad programs have been successfully run in countries like France, Germany, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Ecuador, India, Israel, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Thailand, China, Japan, and others. Many of these programs are now already well established and offered on a regular basis, making short-term international education opportunities for students at NWC a desired and accomplished possibility.

Faculty members interested in leading a study abroad trip for credit can apply for up to $2,500 for an exploratory trip for the summer prior to the summer in which the program is planned to be offered.

Application Process: The Call for Grant Applications is typically announced in January of each year and applications are due the end of February or early March.

Application Materials: Please click on this link Resources for Faculty to access the grant application form and other informational materials. You will need to log in with your NWC ID and password.

Review and Selection Process: Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the GEC. Priority will be given to the following:


1) potential faculty leaders not previously funded for an exploratory trip;


2) proposals to explore new destination countries or suggest the need for new innovative approaches to already visited locations;


3) proposals that offer more specific as compared to more general focus and information regarding the exploratory trip and subsequent summer study abroad program;


4) a detailed exploratory trip itinerary and projected trip costs.

Questions: If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to working with you. 
The Global Education Center




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