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The Global Ambassador Internship Program provides an outlet for current NWC students who have studied abroad to share their experiences. It is a volunteer opportunity for Global Ambassador Interns to use their enthusiasm to tell other Northwestern students about studying abroad.  Ambassadors assist with coordinated events by the Global Education Center. Students with other work study commitments are still eligible to apply.

Who is a Global Ambassador?

A Global Ambassador is any student who has participated in a study abroad program (semester, winter, or summer). An Ambassador is a student who is excited about his/her studying abroad experiences and wishes to be a resource for the Global Education Center and other interested students. 

Why become a Global Ambassador?

Global Ambassadors will have the opportunity to:

1)      share their experiences, stories, and excitement with other students who want to hear and learn about studying abroad;

2)      build their communication and leadership skills for their resume and job applications;

3)      gain experience in the International Education field.

Upon completion of the internship, participants will receive a certificate from the Global Education Center.

What is the commitment to the Global Ambassador Program?

The commitment for the program will be for one academic year, a minimum of 20 hours per semester, depending on the number of interns. To fulfill this requirement, we require participation in various study abroad events. The GEC will be flexible with scheduling work hours.

Global Ambassador Opportunities?

Global Ambassadors will be mentors to current students considering studying abroad.  Ambassadors will participate in promotional activities conducted by the Global Education Center, such as fairs, open houses, workshops, information sessions, class visits, meetings with students, and general outreach efforts. They will be an open and approachable resource and are expected to bring energy and inspire others to participate in study abroad programs.  Ambassadors are also encouraged to develop their own activities/events.

Thank you to the first cohort of Study Abroad Ambassadors, Samantha Bender, Kayla Vetter, Holly Stewart, and Leslie Stover, for spreading the word about study abroad to other students through their stories and experiences. View Ambassadors' profiles here.

Dear NWC Faculty,

Our Global Ambassadors are available to give brief presentations to classes, student groups, as well as one-on-one consultations for students interested in study abroad opportunities at NWC. To invite a Global Ambassador, please email either Justine Jackovich (justine.jackovich) or Boryana Dobreva (boryana.dobreva) with the following information:


  • Professor’s name and department:………………....................
  • Preferred date and time of presentation ....................................
  • Event/Course title(s) and number of students:………………….


Off-campus study is a serious and academically rigorous experience that transforms the hearts and minds of our students.  Let's invest in their growth together! Thank you in advance for your commitment to our students!
Application below
GAIP Description and Application (.docx, 25K)


Interested in becoming a Global Ambassador for the 2014-2015 academic year?

Fill out the attached application (pg. 2) and complete the three short-answer questions. You can either email the completed form and brief essay to Justine Jackovich at or deliver a printed copy to the Global Education Center (Franken Center, Suite 102) Monday-Friday 8am-noon, 1-5pm. Applications will be reviewed by the GEC's staff

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Global Ambassadors 2013-14

Kory McMahan

Hi, my name is Kory McMahan. I am a Sophomore History and Political science double major here
 at NWC. I enjoy being active in the outdoors including canoeing, portaging, and backpacking. I am a participant in A Capella choir and I-Club. I have had the opportunities to travel to South Korea multiple times as well as I studied in Romania this Fall semester. My semester abroad opened up my eyes to another part of the world and the people in it. My experiences helped shape me into who I am and who I want to be as a Christian living in this world. It showed me people of the same faith living totally differently than I and taught me about my faith. I had the chance to really get to know the people from my group and we all share a unique bond that will define our relationships for years. I love to travel and I would encourage anyone who has the same passion or want to step out into the world and see for themselves. 
Questions? E-mail Kory at 

Jenna Ripke

My name is Jenna Ripke, and I am a senior History and Spanish double-major.  I am involved with both A Cappella Choir and Heritage Singers on campus, and I serve as a peer tutor for the history department.  I studied abroad in Seville, Spain during Spring Semester 2013.  Even though a semester abroad was required for my Spanish major, I had always had a strong desire to study abroad during college as an opportunity to travel and broaden my worldview through contact with different cultures.  Honestly, my experience was indescribable.  My semester in Seville not only improved my Spanish-speaking abilities, but also gave me a stronger sense of independence and self-confidence as I learned to live independently and communicate with other people.  I made friends not only with the other American students in the program but also with several Spaniards.  I also got to travel not only throughout Seville and Spain but also to Portugal, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.  I loved every second of my semester abroad and would love to go back to Spain someday!
Questions? Email Jenna at  

Jen Angus

 My name is Jen Angus and I am a 5th year Social Work and Spanish double major. While at Northwestern I have traveled abroad three times. The first was in the summer of 2010, when I took part in the Summer Study Abroad to Ecuador. I enjoyed every moment and was so blessed when I was able to return in the summer of 2012 for Summer of Service. My heart definitely found its home serving the Ecuadorian people. In the fall of 2012 I studied abroad in Costa Rica and Nicaragua for my Spanish major. Some of the best aspects from my different times abroad have been the experiences I have had with the culture, the language, the people and the incredible host families who have taken me in. Study abroad is important to me because of the incredible growth that I experienced. I learned so much and it has had an immense impact on who I am and my future plans. I believe that cross-cultural interaction and cultural immersion are very important, and we can gain from interacting with those who are different than ourselves. I am so thankful and blessed for all the experiences I have had and would love to continue to travel, God willing. I strongly believe that everyone should spend time abroad in their life and I am excited to take what I learned to help others along their study abroad journey.
Questions? Email Jen at

Sarah Shapiro

I’m Sarah Shapiro, and I’m a senior social work major with a minor in teaching English as a second language. I have enjoyed my experience at Northwestern to the fullest, especially my interactions with people of other backgrounds and cultures. I have been an ESL tutor for two years for international students, and loved every minute. I also participated in a three-week Summer Study Abroad to Israel/Palestine in the summer of 2011. The trip was an eye-opening experience, and I love to tell others about it. I have also always loved hearing stories from Northwestern students who study abroad either for a summer or a semester, as I think they are taking advantage of their college experience in a unique way and traveling at this age is formative for our views of different cultures in our future. This is why I have decided to do my social work practicum in Romania for the spring semester of 2014. I’m very excited! Questions about summer or semester study abroad, or other global opportunities at NW?