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Is this a good deal?
Yes! To do the same type of experience on one’s own—three to four weeks in another country with guided excursions, faculty leadership and expertise—will cost you about the same if not more. And you would have to deal with all the arrangements. Factor in that you’re also getting college credit and participating in an amazing learning opportunity, and we think you’ll find these experiences are more than worth the money they cost. In addition, access to low-interest loan money makes the college years an attractive time to study abroad, not to mention the fact that, given the increasing globalization of the world and business, a study abroad experience is a perfect complement to any academic major.

How are summer study abroad programs different from semester study abroad programs?
Summer study abroad programs are taught by Northwestern professors, last 2-4 weeks, and are designed specifically for NWC students. By contrast, semester study abroad programs—with the exception of Northwestern's Oman and Romania Semesters—are offered through organizations such as the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) or other colleges, are taught by non-Northwestern College faculty, and enroll students from other colleges and universities throughout the United States and/or world.

Are these mission programs? Will I be doing missions work?
No. NWC summer study abroad programs are academic, educational, for-credit experiences—not mission projects. Study abroad programs focus on broadening students’ worldview through immersion in and academic exploration of a different culture. Some programs may include service-learning opportunities, but the focus is still that of a guided learning and immersion experience. The summer study abroad office neither sponsors nor coordinates fundraising activities to help participants cover the cost of program fees. Payment of program fees remains the responsibility of the participant.

Are these tourist trips?
No. All programs are put through a rigorous proposal process and must be approved by the college’s Academic Affairs Committee (AAC). While students will be traveling to unique and wonderful places, the programs are first and foremost academic programs offered for credit. The classroom may be different—an 18th-century castle, art museum, orphanage or ancient ruins—but the objective is to learn through immersion and reflection. Participants will experience and explore different cultures, both to gain an understanding of the new culture, but also to use this knowledge to reflect on their own culture.

Who should participate?
We think an off-campus experience is something all students should consider during their time at NWC. You will develop an appreciation for other cultures and people and will come to understand your home culture in a way you didn't before.

Need more info?

Nancy Landhuis
Global Education Coordinator
phone: 712-707-7225