Northwestern College Student Billing and Payment Information

Student Bills

Your student bill will be available online in July for the fall semester, December for the spring semester, and April for the summer semester.  Your bill will be calculated by taking your total cost for tuition, room, board and fees and subtracting your Northwestern College grants and scholarships and any outside scholarships you have received. Federal Stafford Loans, Parent PLUS Loans, and Northwestern College loans will also be subtracted from the total only if the application process for those loans has been completed by the time we bill you. If those loan applications are not complete, adjustments to your account will be made later. Work-study funds will not be deducted from your total bill. Instead you will be paid monthly for the hours you work on campus.

Student Bill Payment

You are required to pay the balance of your fall semester account by August 1, your spring semester account by January 2, and your summer semester by the first day of classes (unless you have enrolled in the payment plan; see below). This guarantees your residence hall reservation, if housed, and your registration for classes.

Using our Monthly Payment Plan

A per semester monthly payment plan is available so students can spread their payments over the academic year. If you are using the payment plan to pay your bill, fall and spring semester totals will be divided into five payments, and summer semester* total will be divided into two payments.  Your payments will be due by the following dates and will be made via automatic EFT (electronic withdrawal):

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester*
July 25 December 25 May 10
August 25 January 25 June 10
September 25 February 25 *If only enrolled in 1 course, no payment
October 25 March 25  plan exists.  Payment is due before classes start.
November 25 April 25  

Note that monthly payments may change if you change your class schedule, if you receive any printing charges, fines, or if there is an adjustment in your financial aid package. If a payment is not made on the date it is due because of nonsufficient funds, the entire balance becomes due and interest of 1 percent per month (12 percent per year) will be charged to the student’s account. Students who are delinquent in payment may be denied access to Blackboard, class registration, computer usage and campus facilities. Diplomas, transcripts, credentials, and recommendation for teacher licensure will be withheld until accounts are paid in full.

Enrollment in the monthly payment plan should be made by July 15 for fall semester, by November registration for the spring semester and by May 1st for the summer semester. A $25 per semester administration fee will be added to your account if you are using our payment plan. You may cancel your payment plan schedule at any time simply by paying the balance on your account.

E-mail –

If you have questions, call the business office at (712) 707-7125.