More than 500 scholarships are available to Northwestern students thanks to the generosity of the college’s alumni and friends. The scholarships are awarded to students pursuing particular majors or co-curricular opportunities or meeting other criteria specified by the donors. All enrolled students are automatically considered for the majority of these scholarships. If you’re the best “match” with a particular scholarship’s criteria and you end up receiving it, you will be notified and a footnote will be on your financial aid account.  Most of these scholarships do not add additional aid to your account, but sponsor (i.e. help pay for) existing NWC aid you already receive.

A few scholarships for full-time current students in select majors do, however, require a separate scholarship application or action on your part. In each case, the winner of these awards will receive additional funds added to their account.  Browse the list to see if you qualify and then follow the instructions. Unless otherwise specified, the scholarships are for any returning full-time Northwestern College student.