The Off-Campus Study office within the Compass Center for Career & Calling coordinates the study away opportunities for NWC students. This includes all semester-based programs – both domestic and abroad – as well as our short-term summer study abroad programs. All of these programs give students an opportunity to learn in a new setting and experience a different culture from what they will find on campus.

Northwestern College operates two semester abroad programs, one in the Middle Eastern state of Oman the other in the Eastern European country of Romania.  We also operate a domestic program in Denver which allows students to complete student teaching, social work practicums, or internships in their areas of interest.

Northwestern also offers Summer Study Abroad programs in countries all over the world. These trips are led by our own faculty, with the help of partners on the ground on location. A few of the many places student have been include Greece (honors program), London, Italy, the Czech Republic, and many more. 

Stop by the Compass Center for Career & Calling or make an appointment in Handshake to learn more!

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Northwestern Programs

Romania Semester

Oman Semester

Denver Urban Semester

Chicago Semester


Partner Programs

Spanish Language Partner Programs

Semester in Spain - Sevilla, Spain

Ecuador - Quito, Ecuador

Costa Rica - Desamparados, Costa Rica

Honduras - Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Latin America (Social Work) - Cuernavaca, Mexico

Argentina - Buenos Aires, Argentina


Domestic Partner Programs

Au Sable Institute - Mancelona, MI

LA Film Studies Center - Los Angeles, CA

Contemporary Music Center - Nashville, TN

Baltimore Urban Studies - Baltimore, MD


International Partner Programs

Middle East Studies Program - Amman, Jordan

Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford - Oxford, England (Honors Students)

Uganda Studies Program - Mukono, Uganda

Creation Care Study Program - Kaikoura, New Zealand or Belize

VIAA Exchange - Zwolle, Netherlands

Rome Semester - Rome, Italy

Ecuador Semester - Quito, Ecuador

Semester in Britain - Liverpool, England

Semester in France - Grenoble, France

Irish Studies Program - Belfast, Northern Ireland

Florence University of Arts - Florence, Italy

Lithuania Christian College - Klaipėda, Lithuania


Each summer, Northwestern College professors lead 2-3 week courses in a variety of disciplines and countries. The trips are tailor-made for NWC students and fulfill the college's cross-cultural general requirement. Summer Study Abroad (SSA) timelines vary, but most take place in late May/ early June. 

The selection of destinations and course topics change each year. Northwestern professors have taught summer courses focused on community development, crossing cultures, ecology, history, language learning, music, nursing/ healthcare, religion, sociology, sports/ fitness and theatre. Locations we have been to in the past include: China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, England, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Oman, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand and Turkey.

By participating in an SSA trip you earn your general education cross-cultural requirement. Some programs have pre-trip coursework to prepare for what you'll be experiencing when you are out of the country.

These trips are open to freshmen through seniors. 

There will be a $250 deposit expected to hold your place in the program after acceptance. The total balance for the trip will be due May 1.


Summer 2024

London Summer Study Abroad

George Bernard Shaw states, "England and America are two countries separated by a common language."  While our two countries share much in common, a visit to the UK and especially to London will also illustrate just how different we are. London exists as one of the truly cosmopolitan cities in the world, not to mention one of the fastest growing. For generations, former colonies have flooded the city with immigrants.  Experience many different cultures through the lens of art, theatre, and museums in a city that has been around nearly 2,000 years.


Experience the best theatre in the world. Study many of the world’s most priceless art works. Spend several days in the English countryside.


Ethan Koerner and Molly Wiebe Faber will be leading this trip. Feel free to reach out to them with questions about the trip!


Application Materials

Students applying for Off-Campus Programs must submit the following materials as part of their application packet:
1. Off-Campus Studies Program online application form (link below)
2. Reference letter requests will be sent to email addresses provided for each of the following areas: academic, personal, and job-related 
3. Your unofficial transcript will automatically be provided to the Off-Campus Studies staff upon application submission
4. Insurance card information
5. Scan of valid passport (for those intending to study internationally)
Denver Urban Semester & Chicago Semester
6. Resume outlining your education, relevant coursework,  experience, honors and awards (please work the Franken Fellows in the Compass Center for Career & Calling for a well put together resume)

Application Deadlines

Fall 2024 & Spring 2025 Applications due: February 10, 2024
Summer 2024 Applications due: February 1, 2024

The Compass Center works with each student and the Director of Financial Aid to help the student understand the financial commitment associated with studying off-campus. Financial Aid is available for students who study off-campus and varies for each program. NWC programs allow you to take 100 of your financial aid with you, while others allow 50% of your Institutional Aid to be used towards your off-campus experience. Please refer to the table below for a quick overview and contact the Compass Center or Financial Aid for more information about your specific situation.


  Institutional Aid Activity Scholarships
(Music, Sports, Theatre)
Northwestern Programs 100%

Out of Season: 100%

In Season: 50%

Required Semester Abroad
(Spanish or International Business majors)

Out of Season: 100%

In Season: 50%

Partner Programs 50%

Out of Season: 50%

In Season: 0%