Campus Employment Policies and Procedures

Campus Employment Policies and Procedures

Updated 10/10/2018


General Employment

1.      All half time to full time students are eligible for employment. Graduated seniors are NOT eligible for employment.


2.      Students may hold only one contracted campus job at a time with the following exceptions:  Food Service (cafeteria and Hub) and RSC Holiday/Break Crew.  If this option is pursued, the student may hold no more than two contracted positions.  (e.g. can’t work the Hub, café, and another contracted position.)


3.      Students who desire a job should search for employment opportunities through “The Informer”, Career Development Center, and department supervisors.


4.      Students involved in the following are eligible for an additional campus job: (These are non-contract jobs paid out of department budgets).


Tutor (On-campus)

Cottage Managers


Snow Shoveling

Junior Scholar

Admissions Calling


Chapel lighting

Early arrival team

RSC Holiday/Break Crew


Music set up / recorders

Art assistants

Student Government

Orientation co-leaders

Event Staff (parking, set up, etc.)

Intramural coordinators

 Peer Mentor for NEXT Program

Lilly or outside grant funded positions

 Concession managers



5.         Students receiving activity grants for art, music, theatre, athletics are eligible for a campus job.


6.         Off-Campus tutors must qualify for federal work study


Students receiving the Faculty/Staff waiver:

1.      Students who receive the waiver are eligible to secure either a non-contract or contract position as long as they live on campus. They may only do one or the other.  See #4 above for a list of non-contract positions.





2.      Student may not be a direct report to their parent (They may work in the same department but may not be under the direct supervision of their parent.)



1.         Department heads are responsible for their annual employment budget. All budgets include campus employment during both the school year and summer. (Non-contract workers as specified in policy #6 are not included in the employment budget)


2.   When hiring each spring departments should reserve 1/3 of their open positions for incoming freshman. Supervisors are responsible for contacting these freshmen with work information via e-mail or campus mail before they arrive on campus.


3.   Supervisors must notify the Career Development Center of each employee hired and also fill out appropriate forms.  Also notify the Career Development Center when people quit or are terminated and who will be replacing them.


4.   Supervisors should advertise jobs through or through the informer or posters.  Please refrain from using email to advertise.  Students become irritated with junk mail and have complained.


To ensure this process runs smoothly, the following items must be completed before a student may work.



When to fill out


Where to find?

I-9 and W-4’s

Before starting 1st campus job

Financial Aid Office

Students may look on My Northwestern or supervisors look on J:/Drive/Campus Employment/Pre-Employment Forms

Direct Deposit Authorization

Before starting 1st campus job

Business Office

Students may look on My Northwestern or supervisors may look on J:/Drive/Campus Employment/Pre-Employment Forms


Needs to be completed for each job a student holds.

Career Development Center

J:/Drive/Campus Employment/Pre-Employment Forms



Time Clock Procedures (Effective 8-15-2013)


·          The pay period during the academic year for all student workers is the calendar month. Time cards should be turned into the business office on the first work day following the end of the month. The payroll check date will be approximately the 10th of the month.


·          The Business Office requires students to electronically log their hours worked.  This is done through the WorkStudy tab found on the MyNWC portal system. After the month end the time sheet should be printed and submitted to the supervisor for signature.  After supervisor approval, it should be sent to the Business Office.