Campus Employment Supervisor Responsibilities


1)     Determine # of Student Workers your office/department will be hiring

a.      Determined based on the budget report you receive


2)     Advertise Positions on  NWC's job search site
        a.      Current Job Descriptions for your department can be found on the J Drive/Campus Employment/WS Job Descriptions

                       i.      Include preferred contact information –preferably an email address

b.      Post April 1-May 1 for Upperclassmen (2/3 of openings)

c.      Post May 1 until filled for Incoming Freshman (1/3 of openings)


3)     Hire your Workers (Graduated Seniors are NOT eligible)

a.      Students should apply for your job (either in person or via email)    

b.      Application example can be found on J Drive/Campus Employment

c.      Send names of your hired workers to the Career Development Center


4)     Before your Students Work for you:

a.      Check to make sure all their Pre-Employment Forms are filled out   

                         i.      Will be a database on J Drive/Campus Employment Folder with a list of students and forms they’ve completed

                        ii.      If they need to complete a form, print out from J Drive/Campus Employment/Pre-Employment Forms