On-Campus Employment Supervisor Responsibilities

Determine the number of student employees your office / department will be hiring. 

  • This is determined based on your budget and/or the budget report you receive.


Advertise Positions on NWC's job search site (Handshake)

  • A Handshake Instruction Guide has been created to assist you in creating an employer account and post job openings.  You can find that guide here or on the J:Drive/Campus Employment/Handshake.  If you need assistance posting a job, please contact Sara Zomermaand, Student Employment & Payroll Coordinator. 
  • Current job descriptions for your department can be found on the J:Drive/Campus Employment/WS Job Descriptions
  • If you want students to complete a resume, application or submit additional documents with their Handshake application, you can add this right in to the Handshake posting.
  • Post jobs between April 1 and May 1 for upperclassmen (only 2/3 of your job openings)
  • Post jobs June 1 until filled for incoming freshman (1/3 of your job openings)


Hire your student workers (graduated seniors are not eligible)

  • Students should apply for your job via Handshake.
  • Review and sign a contract with student employees for all contracted jobs.  Contracts can be found on J:Drive/Campus Employment/Student Employment Contracts or on MyNWC/Workstudy/Campus Employment.
  • Send contracts of your hired student employees to the Human Resources Office (lower level in Zwemer Hall). 
    • Please note:  students are only loaded into the timecard entry/approval system and into the student employee and payroll database and payroll system by turning in their job contract to HR.  


Before a student can work for you, please ensure the following is complete:

  • Check to make sure all their pre-employment forms are filled out.  Forms needed before a student employee can start work and before they can be paid are:  I-9 Form, W-4 Federal Form, W-4 State Form, and Direct Deposit Authorization Form.
    • To see if a student has his/her forms complete, look on the excel spreadsheet entitled "Campus Employment_xx_xx_xxxx" on J:Drive/Campus Employment.
    •  If students have not yet completed their forms, direct them to their MyChecklist on their MyNWC or MyNWC/Workstudy/Campus Employment Forms or you can print forms for them from the J:Drive/Campus Employment/Pre-Employment Forms.  Forms can also be picked up in the Human Resources Office.
  • Ensure you have a signed contract with the student.
    • Student employment contracts are annual contracts. Contracts with students need to be reviewed and evaluated annually.  If a student is returning to the same job next year, he/she needs to complete a new contract for that job.
    • Student employees are uploaded into the student payroll database once their contract is turned in and their pre-employment forms are completed.  This then opens a timecard for them to log their hours and allows you to see them on your department roster in the timecard approval page on the Workstudy tab on your MyNWC page.  


Supervisors will need to submit hours their student employees logged every month through the timecard approval page in the Workstudy tab.  Instructions for how to submit hours can be found here.  Supervisors can also view the video guide in the Start Here (Supervisors) section for a quick demonstration on how to submit hours.  

  • Supervisors will submit hours on the 1st working day of the month for hours worked by their student employees the month prior.  For example, supervisors will submit September hours worked by their student employees on October 1st. 
  • Student employees cannot be paid for their hours worked unless they are submitted by their supervisor on the 1st of the month.