Financial Aid is available during your semester off-campus. Depending on your chosen program, 50-100% of your Institutional Aid may be used towards your off-campus experience. Please refer to the table below. If you have further questions about your Financial Aid, please contact the Off-Campus Study office.


  Programs Institutional Aid Activity Scholarships (sports, music, theatre)
NWC - owned & endorsed programs

NWC Denver

NWC Oman

NWC Romania

Chicago Semester

Calvin College programs


Out of season: 100%

In season: 50%

Required Semester Abroad Spanish & International Business Majors 100%

Out of season: 100%

In season: 50%

Affiliated Programs

SPICE - Netherlands

Florence University of the Arts

Lithuania Christian College Program

Creation Care Studies Program

CIS - Ireland 

Oxford - Honors students only

*comprehensive list available from Off-Campus Study office


Out of season: 50%

In Season: 0%